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The Bond Movie I Want To See

This morning, the teaser for Skyfall was posted to Metafilter. I watched it. Then dove into the comments. Along the way, someone said this. All of the Bonds in one film? I’d watch that. That reminded me of something that’s been sitting at the back of my mind for years. I shared this idea with […]

Oscaring Wildly In 2009

Warning: I would be willing to bet that I watched fewer big-screen films in 2008 than I have ever in the 13 years I’ve lived in and around Atlanta. Keep this in mind as you scroll your way through this stack of incredibly conjectural predictions. To add a little credibility, I’ll do the courtesy of […]

Happy Valentino’s Day?

Coming Up Next …

On New Year’s Day, Nikki and I watched a movie called Idiocracy. If you’ve seen it, bear with me. If you’ve not, let me explain. Idiocracy is a Mike Judge (Office Space, “King of the Hill”) film about an average guy who wakes up 500 years into America’s future. This future he finds, isn’t so […]

On Compasses, Moral and Golden

This is a recycled post. Or maybe a composted post. You decide. Off and on, I’ve been commenting on Phil Kloer’s book blog on the AJC. Honestly, it is the first AJC blog that didn’t leave me blind from involuntary eye-rolling. And Phil is a decent fellow besides. He interviewed me (via phone) a few […]

The Daemon Meme

This is tech week for Much Ado About Nothing, so posting will be lighter than usual. As such, you can expect posts like this one. Memes, perhaps. At least this meme is associated with what might turn out to be a somewhat worthwhile film (based upon a series of incredibly worthwhile books). I can has […]

A Substituted Tuesday Twenty

I’m a day late. “On The Shoulders Of Giants” – Jennifer Nettles “In Only Seven Days” – Queen “If I Can’t Have You” – Etta James & Harry Fuqua “Plague Upon Your Hissing” – The Mars Volta “Alone” – Mary J. Blige “Silent All These Years (Live)” – Tori Amos “Sweet Virginia” – The Rolling […]

Revenge Is Like A Poison

It’s a good trailer, though I think I prefer the earlier teaser. I don’t fear that this preview reveals too much, as the big surprise — or at least what I think will be the big surprise — isn’t telegraphed at all. My concern is with Tobey Maguire. He’s been the perfect Peter Parker up […]