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The Day After and Ever After

Nobody voted for the President because they expect a free toaster.
Nobody voted for the Governor because they love money over people.

Levity Is Alive On Capitol Hill

It would appear that Senator Tom Coburn is feeling a bit frivolous these days. I don’t know the man from Adam’s own house cat, but based on the language employed in his proposed amendment to HR1: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (aka The Big Stimulus Bill), the Senator cannot resist an opportunity […]

Answer Me These Questions Sixty-Three

Much is being made of the extensive and debatably invasive questions asked of applicants seeking to live out their West Wing fantasies with the impending Obama/Biden administration.  The initial article by Jackie Calmes seemed to take a humorous how-dare-they approach, but the sources cited therein provided all of the justification the transition team might need. […]

He Pals Around With Presidents-Elect

Go, Jim Martin. Go. With so many teams of happy MyBO members still fired up for even more campaigning, this is going to be a run-off to remember.

It’s Been A Long, Long Time Coming …

I didn’t do all that bad on my projections, actually. I called an optimistic 382 for Obama, and as of late this morning, 338 have been declared per CNN’s projections with a likely additional 11 from Indiana and 15 from North Carolina. Take away the 3 I missed in North Dakota, and my high call […]

Laying It On The Line, Twice

Two Predictions, both mapped out on CNN’s Election Calculator. One optimistic. One cautious. Reality will likely fall somewhere in-between. First, optimism. Obama takes 382 electoral votes. McCain takes 141. Georgia will likely go another 15 for McCain (giving a total of 156), but it makes me so happy to see our state in a lovely […]

Game On!

In light of tonight’s scheduled programming — which will not actually delay the game — here is an appropriate logo: (Revised World Series logo courtesy of AnimalNY.)

Presidential Fantasy Cabinet: Treasury

Been a very long time, I know. I’ve been busy. The United States Secretary of the Treasury heads up the U. S. Treasury Department. The Treasury Department is “the executive agency responsible for promoting economic prosperity and ensuring the financial security of the United States.”* Where other countries have finance ministers, the United States has […]

Pumpkin of Much Hope

Pumpkin of Much Hope, originally uploaded by grabbingsand. Stencil by Jason Powell found on Yes We Carve. Nikki has a shot from a different angle.

So As To Provide For

Few things are as unsettling as those last few minutes of casting your vote. You’ve selected your principal candidates, perhaps a judge here and there, and now you’re face-to-typeface with a sea of legalese. You knew they’d be there, but you just didn’t find the time to do the research. Now you have to make […]